Income by race in Boston
Income by race in Boston
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Examining Affirmation Action Failures

by Lewis Loflin

Knowledge and intelligence leads to success in the new economy. Lower-skilled workers compete with automation. Plus the economy is flooded with unskilled immigrants. This leaves us with serious social problems.

Ability varies and it varies a lot and can't be social engineered away. Many attending four-year colleges shouldn't be. They often end up with worthless paper and mountains of debt.

Affirmative action should address this problem not create more racial tensions. It's class warfare against poor whites and token positions for minorities. The end results in Democrat Party strongholds like Boston is troubling.

Boston Massachusetts Affirmative Action Failure

Liberals preach Red State whites are all racists, that Red State America is racist. Large Democrat ruled Blue states like Massachusetts are an affirmative action paradise.

A shocking study turns this myth on it's head. It proves what I have observed in Northern Virginia. Democrat regions filled with illegal aliens and unskilled immigrants suffer high poverty rates. They suffer high racial income disparity.

In the 2016 election President Trump lost to Hillary in Boston by almost 6 to 1. Boston is very wealthy, or least white Hillary voters are. But Boston suffers high real poverty rates and a massive racial income gap.

A Boston Federal Reserve study breaks down "minorities" into separate groups. Terms like "African American" and "Hispanic" often leave vital details hidden.

At differing levels non-whites lack liquid assets. Are less likely to own a home. And those that do carry a lot of debt in general, have less household income. Many don't even have a bank account.

I will address issues they ignore in this study. In the case of Boston they aren't swamped with Mexicans or Central Americans. Puerto Ricans and various Caribbean blacks dominate.

They have 775,000 foreign born residents. This at a time when non-whites are sitting around many with no bank accounts and $20 in cash on hand.

To quote the Study:

Nonwhite households have only a fraction of the net worth attributed to white households. While white households have a median wealth of $247,500, Dominicans and U.S. blacks have a median wealth of close to zero. ($8 or less) Of all nonwhite groups for which estimates could be made, Caribbean black households have the highest median wealth with $12,000, which is only 5 percent of the wealth attributed to white households in the Boston MSA.

For example "liquid assets" in Boston whites have (median amount US dollars) $25,000. U.S. Blacks have $670, while the best off non-whites, Caribbean Blacks, have a whopping $3,000. All others have $700 or less, with Puerto Ricans at the bottom with $20.

Looking at the chart above reveals some interesting details. Note who has college degrees - whites at 55%, Asians at 73%, U.S. Blacks at a respectable 43%, and NEC at 57%. But the economic outcome is dismal for everyone except whites and the few Asians in Boston.

Why such low outcomes even with a college degree? It depends on the college degree. Most affirmative action degrees are useless paper.

Also high income earners are more stable - look at the high marriage rates for whites (54%) versus U.S. Blacks at 25%.

$41,000 in Bristol, Virginia puts one in the upper 20%. They can buy a decent home - in Boston they couldn't buy a parking space.

Low rates of marriage is a direct indicator of ghetto and low-class behavior in general. Lower class whites here in Appalachia display similar traits. This includes single parent homes, drug abuse, and employment problems.

See Red States Higher Standard of Living.

Non-whites deal with low incomes and a high cost of living. They have to deal with far too many single parent homes a direct path to poverty in itself.

Boston like most Democrat high-income cities is very expensive to live in. Mass immigration has undermined the poorest residents and reduced their economic opportunities.

Mass immigration has driven up housing and other costs. It is a boon to rich white Hillary voters and businesses enjoying cheap labor. Rich white liberals use identity politics to control their non-white scut labor class.

These useful idiots can blame Confederate statues for their failure. But there are no Confederate statues in Boston.

While not mentioned many of those without bank accounts. The study notes high use of money transfers. This indicates illegal aliens and related crime.

Affluent people are not vulnerable to this economic dislocation. They benefit inflation mass immigration causes.

Rich white Hillary Democrats peddle some token positions. Affirmative action racism comes at the cost of poor whites, not themselves. Nobody dumps Somali migrants in their affluent, gated communities.

They create zoning and environmental restrictions limiting affordable housing. They drive up the cost of everything.

They want to save the planet from climate change. They couldn't care less how inflated energy costs hurts poor people.

Ref. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, The Color of Wealth in Boston, Joint Publication with Duke University and The New School

To read the full report see color-of-wealth.pdf

Liberal Hillary voters know affirmative action is useless. They Maintain control over the scuts that have to deal with inflated living costs. They import more scuts with criminal indifference.

Violent, disruptive African American students in Virginia go to juvenile court. Virginia leads other states in disruptive students going facing the law.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe invented an initiative titled "Classrooms not Courtrooms". They see police and courts as the problem, not the behavior problems of juvenile thugs.

See School Violence Versus Political Correctness

ACT scores 2011
The results of liberal diversity centered education.

ACT Scores Slip Due to Diversity

Liberals preach that there's no difference in cultures and one is "racist" to believe otherwise. Instead of giving poor non-white children the real tools they need to succeed - white culture, literacy, and a work ethic - they choose victimization indoctrination. This is what relegates by design low-achieving non-Asian minorities to the very failure liberals attack as racism.

Nowhere does this show up than ACT scores.

August 21, 2013 By Allie Grasgreen

With a 20.9 composite average, the 2013 ACT scores are the lowest they've been in five years, with the biggest drops occurring in the English and reading sections.

The high school class of 2013's composite average is down 0.2 points from 21.1 last year, and English and reading scores (averaging 20.2 and 21.1) are down 0.3 and 0.2 points, respectively.

"The diversity of students in the pool continues to grow, which is a good thing. The aspirations of those students continues to rise, which is a good thing," ACT President Jon Erickson said. "But the performance of the students still leaves something to be desired."

More students are taking the exam -- some of whom are required by schools to do so but have no collegiate aspirations -- which accounts in part for the lower scores, Erickson said. ACT also made some logistical changes this year: updating the reading and science benchmarks, and including scores of students who were accommodated with extra time.

"I'm kind of looking at this as a new normal," he said, "a new baseline."

The score decline in composite average as well as for each individual benchmark - English, reading, mathematics and science - was steeper among students who did not complete a high school core curriculum comprising four years of English and three years of each other benchmark subject.

Twenty-six percent of tested students - one percentage point higher than last year - met all four subject benchmarks, which indicate a 50 percent chance of making a B grade or 75 percent chance of a C grade in corresponding college courses. The majority of students (64 percent) met the English benchmark, while 44 percent met reading and/or math benchmarks and 36 percent made it in science.

life long immigrant welfare use.
Importing millions of low-skill third world peasants creates a permanent welfare class and frustrates efforts at artificial racial equality.

Mass Immigration Leads to Poverty

President Obama promised to import more high-tech replacement (H1b) workers to garner business support for amnesty when in fact the tech sector is already hemorrhaging jobs. Here is reality printed in the Bristol Herald Courier.


RE: AP on September 27 on alleged labor shortages.

When mass immigration is reduced business pays the true cost of doing business and markets favor work over welfare. The AP notes the illegal aliens we import leave farmwork by "offers of better pay or easier work elsewhere..."

Where did millions of mostly illegal workers go? We allow agribusiness to exploit their workers then allow every business in the country to get in on it.

When business pays the true cost the once lowest paid benefit some earning $1000 a week! Why don't Americans work these jobs? They argue some of these businesses will fail without cheap labor - sorry that's capitalism.

Immigration reform is simply a floodgate for cheap labor. There's an unwillingness of business (and public) to pay the true cost of production shifting the cost elsewhere. It's crony capitalism, it's exploitation, and it's wrong.

Some workers are becoming better off in Mexico than in America. No wonder so many go on welfare.

Farmers are now paying machine drivers $12.75 an hour to "set our wages to where we thought we could attract people..." Proof positive curtailing imported labor benefits the working poor.

Illegal aliens are costing states $84 billion ( annually while depressing wages by $118 billion. (Borgas) US Conference of Mayors noted in 2012 the wealthiest 5% saw an income gain of $490 billion at the expense of workers.

$81 billion annually in corporate welfare often hurts American workers. Electrolux fired thousands of workers in Iowa, Canada, and Bristol hiring illegal aliens in Springfield Tennessee finally landing in Memphis collecting $188 million in incentives - then cut wages by one-third.

It's time to end crony capitalism in all forms - no amnesty - end this guess worker scam, seal the borders, and enforce the laws.

Lewis Loflin

Liberals Cheat Black Students in California

The Los Angeles Dailey News August 28, 2017 is reporting that 75% of black boys in diversity crippled California schools can't read - yes 75%. This is typical of their idiot priorities, to quote,

More than half of black boys scored in the lowest category on the English portion of the test, trailing their female counterparts. The disparity reflects a stubbornly persistent gender gap in reading and writing scores that stretches across (non-white) ethnic groups...

But the reading data is sobering. As early as fourth grade, for example, nearly 80 percent of black boys failed to meet state reading standards. Of all ethnic groups for which the state collects data, black boys trailed black girls by the widest margin.

They are worried about a gender gap between black boys and black girls while most are functional illiterates? The fact black girls do better than black boys has been around for years. Girls on average do score better than boys on average, but the issue is far more complex.

IQ or what is better called "seven definitions of 'intelligence' that are based on Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences" finds that girls IQs cluster near the center of their particular group while boys vary greatly outside the center.

Boys will have more Noble prize winners than girls do, but boys are more likely to have IQs below average and studies show this relates to issues of impulse control, crime, etc. Most criminals are men, and so are most physics majors. This has no relation to discrimination, but biology.

This problem is not limited to blacks but also Hispanics. The LA Times noted a 70.2% graduation rate in 2014, but the number is a fraud. The LA Unified School system is only 9.2% white and 73.7% Hispanic. The LA Times (August 24, 2016) reports that only 29% of students can do math and 39% can read/write and celebrate this as an "improvement". It's obvious many of those graduating are functional illiterates.

To quote, "The vast majority of our students are going out into the world without the literacy skills they need." This will set the stage for more poverty, unrest, and Democrat votes - such as the overwhelming voter margin for Hillary enjoyed in California by minority useful idiots. This is even after they have been tampering with and teaching the test. Let's take a real test from say Utah anyone can and see if they can pass it. That's what happened in Florida and some scores fell to a 80% failure rate.

Brenda Gazzar, Los Angeles Daily News and Stephen Wall, The Press-Enterprise August 24, 2016 noted statewide 52% of California students failed English and 63% failed math. I don't even want to see how bad they did on science. I'll take our "poor" schools here in Appalachia over those rich Blue State urban schools and their diversity racism any day.

Also see:

Real immigration enforcement will remove millions of failing students and their families from our school systems saving billions. "Current immigration policy costs taxpayers $300 billion a year" according to National Review, Sept. 22, 2016. Arizona saved $300 million a year dealing with non-English speakers when thousands of illegal aliens "self-deported" when they started enforcing their immigration laws.

How to fix this situation? first curtail and cut off third world immigration in particular from nations whose immigrants here are low-achievers. It's vital to deport all illegal aliens period and stop stealing billions poor American children need just to grow the rich white Democrat useful idiots voter base.

Here in Virginia flooding our schools with illegal non-citizens is theft of public dollars. See Poor Virginia Children Robbed Again by Illegal Aliens.

Finally end affirmative action racism and instill a system of rewards based on merit, not race quotas. Demand assimilation and crush multiculturalism. Treat these students they way white students are treated - we don't tolerate disruption and criminality in our schools. Schools must push knowledge and reason not social engineer more useful idiot voters for rich white Democrats.

SPLC Hires Violent Black Criminal as Advocate

The Southern Poverty Law Center a far-left racial hate group has hired a black criminal as advocate. Theo Shaw is one the 'Jena Six' a group of black teenagers that attempted to kill a white student before teachers intervened to halt the attack. The victim was knocked out cold from behind and while unconscious was being stomped and pummeled by the gang. Read more...

Also see Jena 6 Criminals Versus Biased Press