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Pushing Back Against Political Correctness Censorship

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This is a skeptic website. I'm a skeptic on religion and politics. Political and Climate incorrectness is a badge of honor. Individual liberty is my creed. All people should be treated equal, period.

The struggle today is millions of often affluent people searching for meaning in their lives.

The demise of traditional religion, failure of communism, and rejection of materialism drives some to search for another path.

Some find solace in Nature-centered spiritualism, others in ideology substituting as faith. Radicalized on our poisonous college campuses, those with wealth, privilege, and access decry the very world that benefits them.

Worse for rational thinking, traditional people, they can enforce their dystopian agenda on the rest of us. That vision is Wokism.

Wokism has the authoritarianism and police-state mentality of fascism and communism. Wokism has the racial visions of inverted Nazism - the extermination of the white majority under the racist mantra of "whiteness."

This madness is no different than the Nazis that sought to murder their fellow Europeans by mentally disconnecting themselves from their neighbors. Millions of insane, woke, mentally-ill whites advocate the destruction of other whites in the same way Nazism did with Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, etc.

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Progressive Gnosticism

Progressivism is intimately tied to modern liberalism and the politics of the welfare state, which holds that the transformation of society can only be achieved by a centralized government that has sufficient power to remake society...

Progressivism has in it a gnostic element. That is, progressives believe that they possess the knowledge needed to transform society and human nature. They are greatly dissatisfied with the world as it is and are impatient with life and the very structure of reality because these fall short of perfection or the progressive ideal.

These gnostic attributes are part of an existential disposition that fails to accept the permanence of evil in earthly life - in theological terms, original sin.

See Progressivism an Authoritarian Religious Cult

Critical theory intertwined with postmodernism has become the prime tool of Progressive gnostics. Believing they possess special esoteric insight, it is a tool to destroy Western Culture.

Now, the real world with human frailty, genetic differences, biological gender, etc., are social constructs - meaning it's all an illusion. The ancient Gnostics also believed the real world was also an illusion.

The real world hides a higher spiritual truth - Progressive gnostics are desperate to achieve in the real world.

In their confused esoteric worldview, they resort to postmodernism to attack the real world.

Science is indeed a vital part of our culture. In "Scientists Should Fight Postmodern Public Values" (October 20, 2016) Alex Berezow asks,

"How should scientists respond to the rising tide of anti-scientific sentiment in the world? The backlash against modern technology is widespread: Protests against genetic engineering, vaccines, chemicals, modern agriculture, neuroscience, nuclear power (and almost any other form of power), animal research, and embryonic stem cell research threaten to hold back, if not reverse, decades of progress. What can scientists do to address this problem?"

No surprise that climate change fanatics are the same people attacking other branches of science that don't meet their social criteria.

Dr. Marcel Kuntz, Director of Research at the prominent French institution CNRS voices concern over this issue:

"Postmodernism considers that scientists cannot be trusted, and that their research must be subject to a democratic process, more precisely to a 'participative democracy'."

Because of the massive government funding poured into science, politicians can push for the desired consensus. Further:

Postmodernism is an ideology whose aim is to deconstruct Enlightenment values...

Enlightenment values are the basis of science.

Dr Kuntz's conclusion is forceful:

Postmodernism is often confused with values of respect and democracy. However, science is not a matter of democracy – it is about the application of a method, and it is an elitist activity, open to all provided that one learns and applies the scientific method. Scientists should be able to 'reflect upon and revise their own opinion' without injunction from postmodern political correctness.

Sure, try to "reflect upon and revise" anything connected with climate and face attack. Ref. Scientists Should Oppose the Drive of Postmodern Ideology. (PDF file)

"The time has come...for destroying those who destroy the Earth."

Far too many Progressive gnostics, including atheistic scientists, often adopt some form of pantheism. Nature, in particular, the earth, is divine, holy, and sacred. Pristine Nature is holy, and humankind is not. Nature is now as being with rights! To NASA climate preacher Dr. James Hansen, opponents should be jailed for "crimes against humanity and nature."

Nature is not a being, pantheist, spiritual, or otherwise. Nature has no rights. Hansen is another Progressive gnostic. According to the John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Foundation:

"...acting as a messenger from the esoteric world of computer climate models to the public and policymakers alike."

Google the term "esoteric" and to quote, "A type of hidden knowledge that is generally known only by a few individuals and not by the general public." We are talking religion here, not science.

Science fact:

The atmosphere is vast, almost entirely consisting of nitrogen & oxygen plus argon at just under 1 per cent. This is 99.9 per cent of the atmosphere. Earth is a water world & water is 260 times the volume of air. CO2, a gas 4 parts in 10,000, will not affect global temperatures. - Peter Clack

Incredible as it may seem writer David Popiek (March 17, 2019) says, "It's time for climate change communicators to listen to social science." He says that reason "is not what drives human behavior."

Social science is not science.

He quotes theologian Blaise Pascal, "We know the truth, not only by reason, but also by the heart."

I'll take the scientific method over esoteric, gnostic nonsense.

To quote Jordan Peterson:

Postmodernism is essentially the claim that (1) since there are an innumerable number of ways in which the world can be interpreted and perceived (and those are tightly associated) then (2) no canonical manner of interpretation can be reliably derived.

That's the fundamental claim. An immediate secondary claim (and this is where the Marxism emerges) is something like “since no canonical manner of interpretation can be reliably derived, all interpretation variants are best interpreted as the struggle for different forms of power.”

There is no excuse whatsoever for the secondary claim (except that it allows the resentful pathology of Marxism to proceed in a new guise).


After World War II and the revelations about Stalin's crimes, academic Marxists began migrating from traditional, economic Marxism to a culture-based version, even dropping the Marxist name. The first group, the Frankfurt School—which led to the rise of Western Marxism and Cultural Marxism—originated in Germany...Other academics joined in moving from Marxism to literary theory and deconstruction. Professors Christopher Norris (University of Wales), Richard Rorty (Columbia), and Cornel West (Princeton) are in this group.

Cornel West is a racial Marxist and racist in general.

Ref. Feb. 14, 2014.

"Some famous thinkers associated with postmodernism are Jean Baudrillard, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Pierre-Félix Guattari, Fredric Jameson, Emmanuel Lévinas, Jean-François Lyotard, Richard Rorty, and Slavoj Žižek"


Skepticism is good.

Earth Science

Climate change is real, but many have hijacked the issue. The dangers are overblown. Far greater changes have occurred since the end of last ice age and more will occur in the future.

Before buying into the climate apocalypse try learning something. Progressive gnostics believe they can dictate the future through political force backed by esoteric computer modeling. Yet the same predictions come and go like clockwork.

United Nations AP Jan. 29, 1989: "...entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth...if the global warming is not reversed by 2000." The consensus goes on, "governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect..."

By 2000, 90 million in Bangladesh will drown - it will "cost the U.S. $100 billion" to save Norfolk, Miami, and New York. Dustbowl conditions will devastate U.S./Canadian wheat lands. Didn't happen.

In 2018, etc. record corn, wheat, soybean, etc. crops - even in China and India! NASA reports massive greening of the earth covering an area TWICE THE SIZE of the continental U.S.! Wasn't in the models either.

Decades of failed hysterical computer models would make any rational person a skeptic.

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