Yes Western-American Culture is Superior - Get Over It

by Lewis Loflin

It's about time European-Americans assert their civil rights and protect their culture and interests. It's a culture that has brought the world science, technology, medicine, computers, the internet, mass literacy (at least among whites and Asians), electricity, and personal freedom. For those such as Asians that have adopted to that culture they enjoy equal if not greater success and I welcome them.

This is not to be confused with race because millions of non-whites also enjoy the benefits of an advanced industrial society.

This is not to be confused with Neo-Nazi types or David Duke or the Klu Klux Klan. Their agenda of racial hatred and insane paranoia about Jews far over shadows any concern they have for white people.

Blacks for example did not end slavery - whites did. Blacks also held black slaves as did Indian tribes such as the Cherokee. Muslims-Arabs often served as middle men in the slave trade and enslaved whites and blacks alike.

Conservative Americans did not illegally imprison Japanese Americans - Progressive racists such as FDR did. Those same Progressive racists are the ones pushing hatred of white people as a political tool to organize non-white voters to their causes.

Slavery didn't end in most Muslim nations until the 1960s and still practiced by some today.

Progressive-liberal racists utterly reject traditional European-American culture. As a narrow elite they disdain in particular the white working-class the real core of European-American culture.

European-American culture is not about race but values; the values many low-achieving non-Asian minorities choose to reject. Hard work, education, self-reliance, individualism, and self-control. Most believe in God, but leave how one sees God to the individual.

I have no problem with black or Latino culture but don't force it on me. Detroit is a failure because African-American culture reflects African culture more than European culture. Many Latino-American communities reflect the often failed Latino cultures they should have left behind.

Their attitudes towards school, marriage, literacy, drugs, crime, etc. are not only not European-American, but antithetical to it. They have a collectivist mindset readily exploitable by the agents of envy and discord on the left. Illegal aliens are best described as undocumented Democrats.

Thus European-American culture is superior to third-world banana cultures and the proof is the computer one is using to read this and the well stocked modern grocery stores we all enjoy. Otherwise go cook your food by burning cow dung while your wife and daughter get raped by "people of color" from the neighboring tribe. They want to come here to enjoy what advanced civilized European society has to offer, but demand European-American culture be made subservient to their failed culture.

Many blame whites for their failure seeing themselves as automatic victims entitled to what everyone else has and see crime and lawlessness as a civil right. Not any more. Spare me the colonialism nonsense. Many of these countries were better off under European rule. Don't believe me? Move to socialist black nation of Zimbabwe and look at the starving blacks. Get the hell out of my country Piers Morgan and peddle your gun control claptrap to the unarmed victims of those black-Muslim race riots in London.

Before anyone starts playing the race card (go ahead, make my day) the position of this website is everyone is to be treated equally at all times and places. Individual liberty overrules collective entitlements. There is no right to not be offended nor is one entitled to be accepted by others. Affirmative action is simply racism and the various other demands for special "rights" and privileges undermines rule of law.

One should be judged only on character and merit not race or social class.

Truth is not hate speech, reason is not racist, and facts are not racism.


Lewis Frog

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