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Mass Immigration Leads to Poverty

by Lewis Loflin

The Associated Press in my local newspaper reported on 'Weak-Wage employment." They note a disproportionate number of jobs added in July 2013 "were part-time or low-wage -- or both" and noted that represented 77 percent of the jobs created in 2013. They noted that companies trying to "sidestep" Obamacare was some of the blame in addition to outsourcing jobs to China and using technology to displace workers.

Now from the report Cisco laying off 4,000 employees or 5 percent of company's workforce

Aug 15 2013 (CNN) - Cisco announced Wednesday that it will cut 4,000 jobs, citing a difficult economic climate. The layoffs, which account for 5 percent of the company's workforce, will begin in 2014...Overall, Cisco earned $2.8 billion on sales of $12.4 billion for its fiscal fourth quarter -- and each figure was just a hair above Wall Street expectations...The company also reported it has an incredible $50.6 billion in cash, up more than $3 billion from the previous quarter. Cisco and other big tech companies including Apple and Microsoft have been amassing large cash hoards during the past few years.

Corporations are sitting on billions in cash even among hi-tech firms that continue to fire and displace their workers and ship jobs to China. Yet what is the solution from Congress? We must have amnesty for illegal aliens and demands to import millions more replacement workers due to a mythical labor shortage which the facts clearly dispute.

And how have they amassed such staggering profits and mountains of cash? Mass immigration in conjunction with outsourcing and automation has destroyed the American worker. It's a policy supported by both parties both now trying to buy Hispanic voters at the expense of all poor Americans. Say anything and wails of "racism" fills the air.

A study released in September 2011 by Steven A. Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) shows 81 percent of those "new jobs" in Texas went to immigrants at least half illegal. Most of the illegal workers are low-end depressed wage-rate service jobs, but a substantial number are college level:

Immigrants took jobs across the educational distribution. More than one out three (97,000) of newly arrived immigrants who took a job had at least some college. These numbers raise the question of whether it makes sense to continue the current high level of legal immigration and also whether to continue to tolerate illegal immigration.

Hewlett Packard cut 5,000 jobs in October, bringing its year's total to 21,000 lost jobs.

Microsoft eliminated 6,509 jobs in October for a year to date layoff of 55,511, a rise of 92 % from 2013.

In October the electronics industry cut 1,648 jobs, bringing the year to date loss to 18,153.

The telecommunications industry cut 5,217 jobs, bringing the year to date loss to 20,038, an increase of 81% from 2013.

According to Wolf Richter, US job losses in the tech sector have risen 97 % from the previous year.

Why the heck is it they cry racism every time the issue of mass legal-illegal immigration is brought up? Because business wants the discussion shut down. This is devastating the labor market for the working poor and just what right does anyone from another country have to come here to begin with? In New York City the black-minority unemployment rate is terrible, more than double or triple that of whites, but the reason is not racism.

Mayor Bloomberg in "New York City Will Collapse Without Illegal Immigrants" (July 05, 2006 AP) gives us the answer. To quote Czar Bloomberg at a Senate committee that met in San Diego:

"New York City is home to more than 3 million immigrants, and a half-million of them came to this country illegally. Although they broke the law by illegally crossing our borders ... our city's economy would be a shell of itself had they not, and it would collapse if they were deported. The same holds true for the nation..."

Perhaps it wouldn't collapse if a few of the half million illegal alien criminals were removed and the massive numbers of poor blacks, Hispanics, and other citizens on welfare and unemployed could get a job while raising the pay of others. It's amazing what a job can do to self-esteem and we wouldn't need new government programs to accomplish this. But the fact is that Czar Bloomberg and his fellow rich white Democrats benefit from this situation.

So they play up racism to deflect from the issue that contributes to the poverty of blacks/others and criticism from their imported serf labor force.

See Why the Racial Employment Gap in New York is not Racism.

Lewis Frog

To quote,

In 2021, 87% of all non-lethal interracial violent crimes committed between blacks and whites in the US were black-on-white — 480,030 incidents with a black offender and white victim, and 69,850 incidents with a white offender and black victim, or seven times as many black-on-white as white-on-black incidents of interracial non-lethal violence.

That is 7 to 1 black on white. White often includes Hispanics as offenders.

This same problem persists in nearly every European nation that allowed in masses of Muslims and Africans.

In America 90% of all gun violence is black violence.

Yet news reports show Switzerland with near 100% gun ownership has nearly ZERO gun violence. The answer is simple. The population is 98% European. They didn't import masses of Muslims and Africans.

Ref. Media's 'existing while black' coverage of crime merely twists facts and worsens racial divide in US By Heather Mac Donald April 26, 2023 New York Post


Lewis Frog

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