Marta Shafferin racist crackpot and teacher at Oroville High School in California.
Fig. 5 Crackpot educator Marta Shafferin. Is she on something?

Deranged California Teacher Obsesses Over Race

by Lewis Loflin

In a high tech age that has seen the creation of artificial intelligence by computers, we are also seeing the creation of artificial stupidity by people who call themselves educators. Thomas Sowell

Marta Shafferin is an English teacher at Oroville High School in California. She is another self-hating white liberal racist. Like many California teachers, she believes math and proper English are racist and refuses to teach her students because of it.

Marta says, "Public education is an institution that upholds lots of problematic systems in our society like white supremacy and misogyny and colonization." What does math have to do with any of this?

Liberal white racists like Marta cannot teach. Most California students of "color" fail academically because of teachers like her. She needs to focus the blame elsewhere.

She says, "I try to undermine that B.S. in my classroom as much as I can. These are all made-up rules. They're arbitrary. They were created by Westerners in power."

Stats Oroville High School in California 2022.
Fig. 6 Oroville High School in California 2022

Oroville high school has 983 students 58.4% non-white in 2022. Their proficiency in math is 25%, 53% in reading (I'll take their word for it), and 33% in science. How do they have a 94% graduation rate? Something is wrong here. The entire State of California is a joke even in schools with a fair number of whites.

From a report from Fox News December 5, 2022 on Marta:

"We study linguistics and the rules that we actually use to communicate instead of the made-up rules that White supremacy created for when we write papers and stuff, which is what scholars call the 'language of power.'"
"As an educator I am constantly worried if I'm the problem. What do I mean by that? Well public education is an institution that upholds lots of problematic systems in our society like white supremacy, and misogyny and colonization, etc," she continued. "Well, let's look at how we write essays [where we] start with an introduction that includes a thesis, always cite your sources, use transition words like 'however’ and ‘therefore.' These are all made-up rules. They were created by Westerners in power. Which got me thinking, what if I started my school year with a unit honoring how we talk rather than teaching students how to write properly."

These students are not prepared, and it shows. It is not just Marta playing the race game for failing minority students; the entire state is in on it - now they want to remove math requirements for college!

From, we have the following: "Many college students struggle to pass remedial math. Do they need to?" by Hari Sreenivasan.

Let us look at some highlights of the report. To quote,

"Colleges created remedial education classes to ensure students were sufficiently prepared for more advanced material. But increasingly, there's a sense that remedial courses are hurting the prospects of the students they are intended to help. As a result, some California colleges and high schools are rethinking their approach to teaching math -- with encouraging results."

The report says only one out of four remedial math students manages to pass after two years. One student complained that his inability to do math kept him from getting a business degree. Now, they are concocting a new form of math to get around "a major roadblock to a college degree."

The students were Hispanic and Black and were not qualified to get a degree. To quote,

"The passing rate for minority students like Reina Schmitz was particularly troubling. One study showed only 2 percent of Latino students and 1 percent of African-American students in low-level remedial classes passed college math two years after enrolling. ... Hoping to stop students from dropping out of college, California legislators passed a new law that requires community colleges to offer alternatives to remedial classes, like the statistics..."

No it is not statistics, it is therapy. As the writer goes on,

"Some parts of it almost seem like a bit of group therapy when you're trying to deal with their phobias of math. ... The intense scrutiny of remedial math in California colleges has led some high schools to rethink their math curriculum."

With a state-wide 30% math proficiency, not graduating unqualified students and forcing them to learn something other than race and gender might help.

Here is an example of the utter nonsense passing for math, not numbers but conversation:

Student: Are vegetarians more likely to drink water rather than juice?

Daniel Gavrilovic: Ah. Are vegetarians more likely to drink water than juice?

You want to filter out…

Student: Oh, vegetarians and the beverage.

Daniel Gavrilovic: And the beverage, OK.

Hari Sreenivasan: Algebra and geometry are folded into the story line.

Daniel Gavrilovic:

What we see in traditional math, you know, draw X and Y, Y equals M, draw — what's the slope, what is the intercept of the Y-axis, right? So they have a visual for the function. Now, in this class is, you're doing the same thing, but now that data visualization actually has a story behind it. There's meaning behind the visuals.

(What the hell is he talking about?)

Reagan Logan: "With the story, we can actually come up with things that we're interested in. So, you put your life into math, and make it better."

This childish game constitutes academic fraud. This scam is cheating when diversity-crippled school systems deal with lazy, unqualified minorities - if one cannot do the work, then no degree.


My god those poor children. Sorry, but two plus two still equals four.

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