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Corporate Welfare Grifters and the Climate Crisis

by Lewis Loflin

The "climate crisis" has become the excuse for everything, including corporate welfare. The EV industry is a government welfare basket case. The technology is not there, and the costs need to be lowered. Ford got a $9.2 billion taxpayer loan to build three factories for EVs that are not selling.

We must avoid "fossil fuels" by using EVs or electric vehicles-electricity if available mainly from fossil fuels. EVs are also energy (from fossil fuels) and pollution-intensive to manufacture. Moreover, to quote, "So far, high costs are a common reason people have not been making the switch to EVs."

To quote AJOT,

"The global electric vehicle (EV) market is reeling from one of the most dramatic collapses in monthly sales to date, with Rystad Energy research showing that only 672,000 units were sold in January, almost half of December 2022 sales, and a mere 3% year-on-year increase over January 2022 ... Tax credits and government subsidies have propped up the EV market..."

Now, those subsidies are disappearing in many countries.

Ref. "EV sales collapse as subsidies and tax credits come to an abrupt halt" AJOT, Mar 01, 2023.

That does not count the lack of charging stations and battery fires. The EV industry is a government welfare basket case. The technology is not there, and the costs need to be lowered.

However, most prefer to ride the Green corporate welfare bandwagon instead of a rational discussion. Something called "The Cool Down" from the www.msn.com propaganda machine has a big announcement:

"Ford just got a loan bigger than anything seen 'since the advent of the auto industry' — here is what the company is spending it on." Ford got a $9.2 billion taxpayer loan to build three factories for EVs that are not selling. They have a solution for that too.

What hasn't discussed is will government force to consumers to buy EVs many can't afford? That is exactly the plan.

To be fair, Tesla might come to the rescue. To quote another news report,

In May, Ford announced that it had reached an agreement with Tesla Motors, which will allow Ford EV drivers to access more than 12,000 Tesla Superchargers across the United States and Canada.

That still doesn't address the high cost. There are some possible breakthroughs in battery and magnet technology according to press reports. This reporting has gone on for years and the promises have still not materialized as of Summer 2023.

Southwest Virginia job losses 2010-2020.
Southwest Virginia job losses 2010-2020.

The above table illustrates the outcome of government "economic" planning across Southwest Virginia. Who in their right mind pays over $100,000 in subsidies for a call center job?

Southwest Virginia has wasted millions on similar scams. The Government creates an industry, spends millions to fund that creation, and funds the demand for the product through tax credits, subsidies, or direct government procurement, and taxpayers take all the risk.

Virginia did precisely that. The Virginia Tobacco Commission spent nearly $9 million to set up a private individual to turn switchgrass into biodiesel. The wholesale plant nursery where this scam "high-tech facility" was located is still there; the money is gone, and the company website folded years ago.

The ultimate goal of the scam was to force Virginia taxpayers to buy this stupid product to use in state vehicles at a far higher cost.

In the case of "green energy," various agencies funded five or six energy research centers, costing at least $50 million. All failed, and the buildings sold at fire sale prices.

Local economic planning, based on government grants, often fails. The grants were the real goal when anyone with an IQ above 25 knew they would fail. The usual excuse is, "If we do not get the money, someone else will," is pathetic.

The Federal, state, and local government claims to "create jobs" through centralized planning - Republicans are worse than Democrats on this. This corporate socialism is not free-market anything.

And Reuters July 11, 2023, further reports:

"Automakers in North America have billions of dollars in EV-related investments riding on how the next several quarters play out. If the production of EVs continues to outpace demand, automakers will have to choose between slashing prices and profit margins or slowing assembly lines. More than 90 new EV models are expected to hit the U.S. market through 2026, according to AutoForecast Solutions. Many will struggle to reach profitable sales volumes, analysts said."

How are three more EV factories supposed to fix this problem? Like Southwest Virginia, this massive Government largess will allow a subsidized company to undercut an existing company, causing more economic chaos and job losses. At best, it is job-shifting that, in the long term, fails everyone.

There is no evidence that Ford has solved the high production cost, high pollution levels, and energy use from the manufacturing process. Just because much of the pollution and slave labor, including children, is off-shored does not change the facts.

Another looming factor is continued inflation; falling wages for most Americans make these over-priced cars unaffordable. EVs are more a luxury item for the affluent than a vehicle for the masses, even if their taxes fund them.

US dealers (July 2023) have 90,000 vehicles already in stock, up 75% from 2022. GM claims high demand and low inventory, and is already building 100,000 EVs in North America. Is Ford simply taking business from GM?

They are praising price cuts to $53,438 from $66,390 in June 2022. EVs account for only 7% of the market in 2023. The Biden regime is forcing automakers to manufacture two-thirds of all vehicles as EVs by 2030. This fascist nonsense is insane and unrealistic.

These fascist dictates will further drive inflation and wreck many existing industries. They are building a government-controlled monopoly as the state will partner with surviving automakers. This model is de facto government control and ownership through regulation and subsidies. The government may even set prices.

Climate change has become a formula for corporate socialism.

From Encyclopedia Britannica on Postmodernism:

Postmodernism, also spelled post-modernism, in Western philosophy, a late 20th-century movement characterized by broad skepticism, subjectivism, or relativism; a general suspicion of reason; and an acute sensitivity to the role of ideology in asserting and maintaining political and economic power.

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