Ecology as religion.

Eco-Theology in Public Schools Violates Constitution

by Lewis Loflin

There are proven technology solutions for producing power, to grow enough food, and produce resources to give every human being a decent standard of living.

This is not the goal of eco-activists opposing any technical or scientific solution. They instead seek a spiritual revolution, population reduction, and lowering living standards to that of Mexico.

Schools are the target of this eco-nonsense competing with absurd race theories indoctrinated into the minds of children.

To quote a writer at :

Religious traditions have little to say specifically about biodiversity, but they provide the values, worldviews, or environmental ethics that shape the way in which different societies interact with biological diversity and nature in general. In this sense, religion can be part of the problem or part of the solution.

But a solution to what? Most of the real pollution today is from Asia and China. Some students can't find Canada on a map, ditto Asia.

This from the US Department of Education ( is a violation of separation of religion and state. To quote,

Abstract - Environmental educators are beginning to consider how to incorporate religious resources into their curricula. Common concerns about religion pose a challenge for integration, but these concerns are manageable. Reflection on the precursors of environmental citizenship behaviour provides a framework for considering some of the ways that religious elements can enhance environmental education. Furthermore, faith-based environmental education programs have existed for decades, and their practices can suggest some starting points. Abundant ecotheology resources also exist, including environmental policy statements within most denominations. These resources can provide a common ground between religion and environmental education.

So-called "eco-theology" is religion and I will not stand for it. If this is the case then reinsert Bible study into the public schools.

When I taught community college (electrical and electronics), I never required my students to memorize formulas and gave open-book tests. I did require them to find and use information to solve real-world problems. My tests were challenging.

It became clear how deficient the public education system was. In my community, we had some of the better schools yet still graduated students unable to read above 6th-8th grade or move a decimal point. Forget the basic atomic structure I learned as a child.

I grew up with five siblings in a poor household; we didn't even own a car. We walked to school. My entertainment was the school library and the Wise County bookmobile.

Books of those times covered science experiments at home and what would be obsolete technology today. One could even build a working hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell to generate electricity! I built working batteries and generated hydrogen and oxygen from water. I made money from electronics repair, a story in itself.

Science fiction was great, but in the early 1970s, eco-apocalyptic literature themes exploded under science fiction. There were science fiction books on the coming ice age, the latest scientific rave of the 1970s.

This science fiction of the 1970s soon moved in the 1980s into political literature with books such as "Nature's End" (1987 Strieber, Kunetka), "The End of Nature" (1989 Bill McKibben), and the end of Oil and mass starvation by 1980. Then 1990. Then 2000. For decades the same failed whining.

Environmentalism and government regulations to combat pollution was a good thing. Since the 1970s, water and air are far cleaner. Changes in technology did two positive things besides cleaning up pollution: enabled new sources of energy production (fracking, etc.) and new manufacturing processes that reduced resource use. For example, replacing metals with plastics.

I have witnessed a massive revolution in electronics over the past 50 years. Technology has reduced the energy and material inputs of electronic devices and added capabilities that were science fiction at one time.

This innovation is being threatened by Green Luddites and Gaia cultists - Gaia does not exist.

See Answering the Eco-Luddites Fear of Technology.

Norton, Virginia, was a coal mining town. I spent hours collecting fossils (mainly petrified wood and plants) and rocks. I still have an intense passion for geology and earth science. I learned a lot of new information just writing these essays - learning is life long.

Nature's End 1987 Strieber, Kunetka
Nature's End 1987

It became clear Strieber, Kunetka, and McKibben were radical anti-human zealots advocating or hinting at mass reduction of the human population through government force and an end to modern technological society. McKibben is the worse as a fundamentalist preacher for a nature-centered spiritualism. Every prediction these authors made has failed. I own their books.

McKibben makes it clear that even replanting trees is not good enough. No alteration of the environment by man is allowed. We must prevent human influence on Nature at all costs. This is the real view of these eco-zeolets and is irrational. That is why environmentalists oppose every technical solution.

Human beings are expendable in this fight. Ehrlich stated in a 2023 interview that the human population should be reduced to 3 billion. Our standard of living should be lowered to that of Mexico.

Earth in the Balance by Al Gore
Earth in the Balance by Al Gore

McKibben and his contemporaries, such as John Kerry and Al Gore, believe in this. His book "Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit" by Al Gore (1992, and I own this book too) is a pseudo-religious appeal to climate socialism as public policy.

Science has nothing to do with the "human spirit." Ecology is no longer scientific but subjective social science bordering on religious superstition. The earth is not divine, and Gaia is a myth.

In the opening lines of his novel of personal religious self-discovery, Mr. Gore writes,

..."we feel increasingly distant from our roots in the earth...civilization itself has been on a journey from its foundations in the world of nature to an evermore contrived, controlled and manufactured world of our initiative and sometimes arrogant design. ... At some point during this journey we lost our feeling of connectedness to the rest of nature...We dare now to wonder: Are we so unique and powerful as to be essentially separate from the earth?..."

Like many of the hyper-religious crackpots the core belief must encompasse all facets of life and reality. To quote,

"As it happens, the idea of social justice is inextricably linked in the Scriptures with ecology."

No it is not. Social justice is socialism and I don't see Mr. Gore "redistributing" his personal millions.

Like Strieber, Kunetka, Paul Ehrlich, and McKibben, every prediction made by Mr. Gore and Mr. Kerry has failed to materialize. He did bring up legitimate pollution problems that we have mostly solved, but there were other issues for Mr. Gore, social and political. He also made a lot of money.

Typical Climate Hype

The Canberra Times Sep. 26, 1988, Threat to islands

MALE, Maldives: A gradual rise in average sea level is threatening to completely cover this Indian Ocean nation of 1196 small islands within the next 30 years, according to authorities. The Environmental Affairs Director, Mr Hussein Shi said an estimated rise of 20 to 30 centimeters (11.8 inches) in the next 20 to 40 years could be "catastrophic" for most islands, which were no more than a meter above sea level. The United Nations environment Project was planning a study of the problem. But the end of the Maldives and its 200,000 people could come sooner if drinking water supplies dry up by 1992, as predicted. — AFP

Objective reality:

Using rich collections of Landsat imagery, this study analyses changes in land area on 221 atolls in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Results show that, between 2000 and 2017, the total land area on these atolls has increased by 61.74 km2 (6.1 %) from 1007.60 km2 to 1069.35 km2.

Since 2000, the Maldives have added 37.50 km2 of land area, while 16.57 km2 of new islands have appeared within the South China Seas Spratly and Paracel chains.

This wasn't supposed to happen.


In a high tech age that has seen the creation of artificial intelligence by computers,
we are also seeing the creation of artificial stupidity by people who call themselves educators.
--Thomas Sowell

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