13-Year-Old White Girl Left Unconscious by Black Teenagers

by Lewis Loflin

More racially motivated school bus violence. The attack again in Florida and another example of political correctness censorship by the press. This is the same press that day-after-day drummed on about "unarmed African American teenager" with Trayvon Martin.

They were very careful to exclude race when it's about black on white violence. (They hid her race too.)

In this case an unnamed 13-year-old white girl had her first day on a school bus going to Liberty Middle School in Marion County, Florida. Most of the 70 or so students were black. It became apparent this white girl wasn't welcome.

They refused to let her sit down and someone threw a shoe at her. When she threw it the mob attacked. Five girls and two boys, all black, went after the hapless white girl intending to inflict as much harm as possible.

Sent into convulsions and left unconscious, reports from the hospital claimed she "suffered a concussion and severe bruising and muscle spasms." Another witness said, "that when the victim fell down, she appeared to have seizures and passed out."

The press did release the names of the thugs which is the only thing that revealed their race. They are 14-year-old Zantavia Williams, 14-year-old Ladricka James, 12-year-old Javaris Beard, 13-year-old Alphonso Young, 12-year-old Bria Watkins, 13-year-old Lamiracle Mackey, and 15-year-old Jebria Welch. They were arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct.

Similar details were published by the Associated Press January 7, 2012. The writer played the attack down as a simple "fight" and censored the identities of the victims and attackers.

Excuse me? It was a "fight?" One thug claims it was "an accident" and the victim gets punched in the head 15 times for calling someone a name? That is what the mother of one of the thugs Bessie Coleman was claiming. That justified the "fight." That comment was scrubbed from WKMG report on January 7, 2012 but to quote them,

The Ocala Star Banner reports the teens were appointed public defenders and cannot have contact with each other or the victim while on home detention. Their parents declined comment.

The youths were charged with battery and disorderly conduct Friday after allegedly forming a circle around another girl on the school bus and hitting and kicking her repeatedly. The victim told deputies it was her first day riding the bus and no one would let her sit down. She suffered a concussion.

Unfortunately for WKMG The Huffington Post January 7 caught the original comment and didn't delete it:

Orlando's WKMG interviewed one of the suspect's mothers, Bessie Coleman, who told the station she is sorry for the girl's injuries. She believes the fight started because the victim was making "racial comments."

So we are to believe that this mob attack the press calls a "fight" was the result of a lone white girl stuck on a bus with a 70 mostly black riders was stupid enough to use the "N" word? Did WKMG pull the information because it was a lie or because it revealed the race of the victim? I'd say both.

Let's compare this to another case that made it in the national news only because it went viral on YouTube and how this "victim" was treated differently in the press and by law enforcement. The victim I listed above will never see any serious charges or jail time for her attackers. They were simply more white victims of black violence and according to AG Holder white people are not protected by hate crime laws. It seems the law in general when attacked by feral blacks.

Lewis Frog

In 2021, 87% of all non-lethal interracial violent crimes committed between blacks and whites in the US were black-on-white - 480,030 incidents with a black offender and white victim, and 69,850 incidents with a white offender and black victim, or seven times as many black-on-white as white-on-black incidents of interracial non-lethal violence.

7 to 1 black on white. White often includes Hispanics as offenders but not as victims.

Ref. Media's 'existing while black' coverage of crime merely twists facts and worsens racial divide in US
By Heather Mac Donald April 26, 2023 New York Post


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