Black Male Kills Woman at Party

by Lewis Loflin

19-year-old Jessica Moore was the kind of beautiful young black women her father was proud of. The student at Setan Hall college would never live to see her dreams come true. When a black male was thrown out of a party, he got a gun and went Trayvon ending her life. After returning with a gun 25-year-old Nicholas Welch opened fire on the house killing her and wounding four others.

He was later arrested and news reports say a second man, 19-year-old Marcus Bascus who police say supplied Welch with the gun, is still being sought. "Apparently he was upset that he had been thrown out of the party. With that he returned to the party with a gun and began firing in the house," said an Essex County Prosecutor. He lived a few doors away. Police call him "a coward with a gun."

The New York Times September 25, 2010 had this to say about Ms. Moore:

The university's vice president of student affairs, Laura A. Wankel, said Ms. Moore was studying psychology and lived in a campus dormitory. Ms. Moore wrote in a blog post that she hoped to eventually work for the Department of Veterans Affairs "so I can talk to soldiers about war."

A friend of Ms. Moore's, Delores Sarfo-Darko, 19, said that Ms. Moore's father was in the military and that she had family in Virginia and Tennessee. Ms. Sarfo-Darko said her friend had dreamed of being a singer.

The NYT hid the race of the killers deflecting the discussion away from the bulk of the violent crime is from low-achieving non-Asian minorities. They always write long diatribes about gun control or the injustice of Trayvon Martin, but ignore the real problem. Blacks are the main victims of feral blacks and Ms. Moore is the latest of many.

If this community would simply employ proper pro-active policing including "stop and frisk" of those likely to commit these types of crimes (we know who they are) this could have been prevented. In New York City this very policy that has taken thousands of guns off the streets and saved countless lives has now been overthrown by a judge as racism. I suppose they blame this death on white racism too.

Let's hope these two "cowards with guns" get the needle in their arms they so richly deserve. The color of crime is black and far too often so are their victims. My prayers goes out to her family. More on the story at

Lewis Frog

To quote,

In 2021, 87% of all non-lethal interracial violent crimes committed between blacks and whites in the US were black-on-white — 480,030 incidents with a black offender and white victim, and 69,850 incidents with a white offender and black victim, or seven times as many black-on-white as white-on-black incidents of interracial non-lethal violence.

That is 7 to 1 black on white. White often includes Hispanics as offenders.

This same problem persists in nearly every European nation that allowed in masses of Muslims and Africans.

In America 90% of all gun violence is black violence.

Yet news reports show Switzerland with near 100% gun ownership has nearly ZERO gun violence. The answer is simple. The population is 98% European. They didn't import masses of Muslims and Africans.

Ref. Media's 'existing while black' coverage of crime merely twists facts and worsens racial divide in US By Heather Mac Donald April 26, 2023 New York Post


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