De'Marquise Elkins

Baby Executed in Stroller by Black Teenagers

by Lewis Loflin

Two more of President Obama's sons have been arrested on yet another violent black on white hate crime. The victim this time was a 13-month-old Antonio Santiago. According to press reports:

She (the mother Sherry West) said she saw two boys. "A boy approached me and told me he wanted my money, and I told him I didn't have any money. And he said, 'Give me your money or I'm going to kill you and I'm going to shoot your baby and kill your baby,' and I said, 'I don't have any money,' and 'Don't kill my baby.'"

The boy tried to grab her purse and opened fire when she said tried to tell him she had no money, West said, with the shot grazing her head. She said the boy then shot her in the leg. West continued, "And then, all of a sudden, he walked over and he shot my baby in the face."

This is according to March 23, 2013. It seemed to get little press at the time as CNN and other members of the leftwing press railed on endlessly about Trayvon Martin. Because the victim is white as usual the press will attempt turn this into a gun control issue to deflect from the violent black subculture that's nothing less than a race war.

The local police chief Tobe Green (who is black) came out and clearly said "two black male subjects" something press reports never quoted. Typical is the following:

Aided by a description and a check of school attendance records to determine who was not in classes Thursday, officers searched for the young suspects and took them into custody, police said. The mother told reporters the shooting occurred when one youth demanded money.

What no "white Hispanic?" Why not quote Chief Green instead of this asinine "young suspects?" 17-year-old feral black "suspect" De'Marquise Elkins will be tried as an adult. The unidentified 14-year-old along with Elkins are both charged with first-degree murder. Elkins' trial has since been moved 325 miles away to Cobb County courthouse in Marietta where he is now 18, but 17 at the time of the killing spares him the death penalty.

The police claim the motive was robbery and he shot the baby for refusing to hand over money. Nonsense, the child was executed. He walked up to the child and shot him in the face. The mother Sherry West was also shot in the leg and another bullet grazed her ear. In an interesting twist Elkins' defence attorney is claiming the parents shot the child (and the mother as well) to collect insurance money.

But it was information from Elkins' mother and aunt that led police to a local pond where they recovered a .22-caliber pistol used in the murder. His mother, aunt, and older sister got charged with evidence tampering and lying to police. Police also claim Elkins shot Wilfredo Calix Flores 10 days before and he has identified Elkins for that street robbery. He was also shot with a .22-caliber bullet.

Ref. The Associated Press March 29, 2013.

Convicted But Still Not Properly Identified

Most of the same crowd that went on endlessly with "unarmed African American teenager" with thug in training Trayvon Martin has hidden the race of this latest violent black thug even after he was convicted. Quoting CNN August 30 2013:

A Georgia teenager has been found guilty of shooting a baby to death as the child sat in a stroller earlier this year.

Why not "African American teenager" this time CNN? And what did my local press report?

After deliberating for almost two hours, a Georgia jury found 18-year-old De'Marquise Elkins guilty Friday of multiple charges, including felony murder, in the fatal shooting of 13-month-old boy during a robbery. Elkins also was convicted of aggravated assault and other charges for shooting pastor Wilfredo Calix-Flores during a mugging 10 days before the baby, Antonio Santiago, was shot in the coastal city of Brunswick.

But doesn't bringing up the race of these killers make one racist? When they are the primary problem in mob attacks on whites/Asians and the prime source of a violent crime wave as a group that should be part of the reporting.

Whites are still held collectively at fault for the murder Emmett Till in 1955 by a pair of Mississippi rednecks. Most of us weren't even born or were small children, but are held as guilty anyway by the leftwing racists. I don't care at all about Emmett Till anymore than I care about who was at fault with the Irish Potato Famine. I wasn't there and I won't be blamed for it.

Yet for every Emmett Till or lynching there are tens of thousands of rapes, murders, assaults, etc. against whites by the minority criminal class. Want to play collective guilt, then you got it! One can't have it both ways. (More than one-third were not even Black and most of the lynchings were in response to committing violent crime, which is still no excuse.)

To the cultural Marxists whites are considered racist even when there's no proof of it while minority racists and criminals get a free pass. Whites are being crucified and losing their jobs, etc. for the slightest violation of political correctness. Merely expressing an opinion or simply opposing illegal immigration or opposing special rights for homosexuals and the sexually confused can have dire economic results.

Minority criminals and societal losers and misfits are treated as perpetual victims responsible for nothing. It's time to use reason and facts to address the problem.

To reduce violent crime including most of the gun crime we must prosecute, jail, and keep in jail those most responsible for the crime and that is racial minorities in particular Blacks and Hispanics. Ignoring minor crimes only leads the perpetrators to move up to more violent crime. The excuse that poverty leads to crime is nonsense as crime actually dropped during the latest recession that's still ongoing.

The big factor during this time in reducing crime was record numbers of illegal alien criminals were jailed/deported along with large numbers of feral Blacks going to prison. That is why crime rates have dropped and AG Holder's efforts to release so-called "non-violent" (meaning Black-Hispanic) criminals from stiff sentences they deserve will increase crime rates once again.

The assumption these thugs in training will somehow become model citizens is a fantasy. Even worse a federal judge has stopped New York's "stop and frisk" of likely criminals as racism regardless of the fact the policy has removed thousands of illegal guns from the paws of feral minority criminals in the City. Blacks-Hispanics commit almost all the violent crime in New York City.

It's who we jail and keep there, not how many. In the case of this killing and in general the color of crime is non-white. We must name those behind much of this mayhem then we can tackle their economic problems (such as being pushed out of the labor force by mass immigration) and social problems (family breakdown, unwed mothers, easy access to welfare) is what's driving this reign of street terror. Don't forget most of the children shot by minority criminals are black/minority children.

Lewis Frog

To quote,

In 2021, 87% of all non-lethal interracial violent crimes committed between blacks and whites in the US were black-on-white — 480,030 incidents with a black offender and white victim, and 69,850 incidents with a white offender and black victim, or seven times as many black-on-white as white-on-black incidents of interracial non-lethal violence.

That is 7 to 1 black on white. White often includes Hispanics as offenders.

This same problem persists in nearly every European nation that allowed in masses of Muslims and Africans.

In America 90% of all gun violence is black violence.

Yet news reports show Switzerland with near 100% gun ownership has nearly ZERO gun violence. The answer is simple. The population is 98% European. They didn't import masses of Muslims and Africans.

Ref. Media's 'existing while black' coverage of crime merely twists facts and worsens racial divide in US By Heather Mac Donald April 26, 2023 New York Post


Lewis Frog

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