Three Blacks arrested for deadly strip club shooting

Extract from KATU News Jul 19, 2012

Portland Oregon: Police arrested three black maleas for homicide at the Mystic Gentlemen's Club. 31-year-old Robert Edward Ford (probably black as usual) later died at a local hospital. He crashed into other vehicles after he was shot. Witnesses told police a silver car (Lexus?) was involved. Police later stopped a similar vehicle and arrested the occupants.

Cleveland Dante Nelson III, 28, and Mark Edward Hardy Jr., 27, were both charged with murder and India Ludelia Vasquez, 25, was arrested for evidence tampering. Police speculate this killing is gang-related.

That's the 8th gang-related (code word for black) shooting in Portland in the last two weeks, but instead of dealing to the problem of rampant black crime, they added 17 officers to the gang task force.

Police must end political correctness to save the lives of mostly black people. This means stop and frisk like they do in Mayor Bloomberg's New York along with appropriate profiling of likely shooters and thugs. Cleaning out dangerous public housing projects and curfews on those under 18 would combat many of these problems. It's not racism to save the lives of innocent black people from the far too many savages in the community.


Lewis Frog

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