Working Class Whites Banned at Harvard

by Lewis Loflin

Update December 2017. Shocking new evidence the non-Jewish US white population can't get into most elite colleges.

Non-Jewish whites and those outside the wealthy 1% face exclusion due to class, culture, and race at Harvard.

The fact is access to these elite colleges is access to political power.

Here I present the case of Harvard and separately nearby Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston is one of the most Liberal-Democrat-Blue cities in America.

Boston has a shocking income disparity where the net worth of black families is $8, and that is not a typo.

On Boston see Boston Massachusetts Affirmative Action Joke.

The chart above shows how affirmative action closed off access for working class and poor whites.

Instead of the desired Blacks and Hispanics filling the void, Asians took their place. Now even they face exclusion based on merit.

Summary: Harvard class of 2021 is 51% non-white. The 49% reserved for "white" goes to 20% international students; 25% Jews, and 30% legacy students. I address why this is wrong.

In Fig. 1 we have Austin Jia an Asian American with impeccable qualifications. He should be able to get into any college based on merit.

Officials at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania slammed the door in his face.

This is due to restrictive race quotas that limit the number of Asians.

They all but lockout working class and poor whites from most elite colleges.

Mr. Jia is part of a lawsuit against Harvard for punishing Asian achievement. They favor less or unqualified non-Asian minorities.

The Trump Administration Justice Dept. is looking into "intentional race based discrimination in college and university admissions."

Liberals attack Trump as a racist, while our elite colleges practice outright racism. This is under the guise of affirmative action.

Ref. New York Times Aug. 2, 2017.

Most non-Jewish and non "1%" whites for racial, political, and cultural reasons face exclusion.

Lia Eustachewich of the New York Post (Aug. 4, 2017) reports Harvard has hit a racial milestone.

50.8% of the class of 2021 being non-white, but 62% of the US population is white.

But it gets even worse than that.

To quote,

The Ivy League school's incoming freshman class is comprised of 50.8 percent of minorities - including African-Americans, Hispanics or Latinos, Asian-Americans, Native Americans or Pacific Islanders - compared to 47.3 percent last year, the Boston Globe reported.

Asian-American students make up 22.2 percent, followed by 14.6 percent of African-Americans, 11.6 percent of Hispanics or Latinos and 2.5 percent of Native American or Pacific Islanders, according to statistics.

Of the remaining 49%, international students make up 20%. Jews are as high as 25%, and "legacy" students or children of rich former graduates at 29%. That's totals well above 49%.

The "white" category includes Jews and Middle Eastern immigrants.

To quote,

Together, foreign citizens, U.S. duals, and U.S. permanent residents make up more than 20 percent of the class, representing 81 countries. "Harvard is greatly enriched by the presence of outstanding international students," said Robin M. Worth, director of international admissions.

The problem is so bad international are displacing Americans. Controversy at the University of Washington erupted over this issue.

Foreign students make up almost 20% of the student body. They pay several times more to attend pricing out American students.

See Foreign Students Pushing American Students Out of College

Ref. Mar 28, 2013 College admits 2,029 Harvard Gazette

Jonathan Blumberg writes,

Harvard's incoming class of 2021 is made up of over 29 percent legacy students, reports The Harvard Crimson. Last year's applicants who had Harvard in their blood were three times more likely to get into the school than those without.

The case is the same at Stanford. In fact, across the top 30 schools in the U.S., one review from 2011 discussed in the Washington Post found that children of alumni "had a 45 percent greater chance of admission" than other applicants.

Legacy students tend to be wealthy and white, students who, as a group, are already disproportionately represented at college. The New York Times found that, at five Ivy League schools, Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale, Penn and Brown, as well as 33 other colleges, there are more students from families in the top one percent than from the entire bottom 60 percent.

Ref. httpss://

While the 1% and Jews often overlap, this is about 4% of the white population.

This excludes the other 96% of the white population. This isolates the 4% into their own closed culture often at odds with the other 96%.

This is a serious problem because that 4% control most of academia, law, government, media, etc.

They become elitist with autocratic tendencies. Their religion is social justice whose behavior is more that of religious fanatics.

They promote intolerance and dogma seeing individual liberty as expendable. Equal outcome has replaced equal treatment under the law.

This staggering level of racial and class bigotry is destructive to a society. We have no legal rights or recourse to fight it.

The problem is still worse than outright anti-white racism. The culture on elite college campuses borders on chaos.

It stands in opposition to every traditional value millions of us cherish. These values they seek to destroy.

Calls for outright white genocide echo in lecture halls. Conservative speakers face open mob violence.

Time to deal with the real racism.

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