African Americans Worth $8 in Liberal Boston

by Lewis Loflin

Large Democrat ruled Blue states like Massachusetts are an affirmative action paradise. Or so they say.

A shocking study turns this myth on it's head. It proves what I have observed in Northern Virginia. Democrat controlled regions filled with illegal aliens and unskilled immigrants suffer high real poverty rates. They suffer high racial income disparity.

In the 2016 election President Trump lost to Hillary in Boston by almost 6 to 1. Boston is very wealthy, or least white Hillary voters are. But Boston suffers high real poverty rates and a massive racial income gap.

A Boston Federal Reserve study breaks down "minorities" into separate groups. Terms like "African American" and "Hispanic" often mask vital details.

At differing levels non-whites lack liquid assets. Are less likely to own a home. And those that do carry a lot of debt in general, have less household income. Many don't even have a bank account.

I will address issues they ignore in this study. In the case of Boston they aren't swamped with Mexicans or Central Americans. Puerto Ricans and various Caribbean blacks dominate.

They have 775,000 foreign born residents. This at a time when non-whites are sitting around many with no bank accounts and $20 in cash on hand.

To quote the Study:

Nonwhite households have only a fraction of the net worth attributed to white households. While white households have a median wealth of $247,500, Dominicans and U.S. blacks have a median wealth of close to zero. ($8 or less) Of all nonwhite groups for which estimates could be made, Caribbean black households have the highest median wealth with $12,000, which is only 5 percent of the wealth attributed to white households in the Boston MSA.

For example "liquid assets" in Boston whites have (median amount US dollars) $25,000. U.S. Blacks have $670, while the best off non-whites, Caribbean Blacks, have a whopping $3,000. All others have $700 or less, with Puerto Ricans at the bottom with $20.

Looking at the chart above reveals some interesting details. Note who has college degrees - whites at 55%, Asians at 73%, U.S. Blacks at a respectable 43%, and NEC at 57%. But the economic outcome is dismal for everyone except whites and the few Asians in Boston.

Why such low outcomes even with a college degree? It depends on the college degree. Most affirmative action degrees are useless paper.

Also high income earners are more stable - look at the high marriage rates for whites (54%) versus U.S. Blacks at 25%.

$41,000 in Bristol, Virginia puts one in the upper 20%. They can buy a decent home - in Boston they couldn't buy a parking space.

Low rates of marriage is a direct indicator of ghetto and low-class behavior in general. Lower class whites here in Appalachia display similar traits. This includes single parent homes, drug abuse, and employment problems.

See Red States Higher Standard of Living.

Non-whites deal with low incomes and a high cost of living. They have to deal with far too many single parent homes a direct path to poverty in itself.

Boston like most Democrat high-income cities is very expensive to live in. Mass immigration has undermined the poorest residents and reduced their economic opportunities.

Mass immigration has driven up housing and other costs. It is a boon to rich white Hillary voters and businesses enjoying cheap labor. Rich white liberals use identity politics to control their non-white scut labor class.

These useful idiots can blame Confederate statues for their failure. But there are no Confederate statues in Boston.

While not mentioned many of those without bank accounts. The study notes high use of money transfers. This indicates illegal aliens and related crime.

Affluent people are not vulnerable to this economic dislocation. They benefit inflation mass immigration causes.

Rich white Hillary Democrats peddle some token positions. Affirmative action racism comes at the cost of poor whites, not themselves. Nobody dumps Somali migrants in their affluent, gated communities.

They create zoning and environmental restrictions limiting affordable housing. They drive up the cost of everything.

They want to save the planet from climate change. They couldn't care less how inflated energy costs hurts poor people.

Ref. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, The Color of Wealth in Boston, Joint Publication with Duke University and The New School

To read the full report see color-of-wealth.pdf

Liberal Hillary voters know affirmative action is useless. They Maintain control over the scuts that have to deal with inflated living costs. They import more scuts with criminal indifference.

Definition of racism: holding differing standards or treating people differently due to race, that like gender and species, is a product of biology. Examples of racism today are affirmative action, pretending one's value is based on race and not merit or individual achievement, etc.

Claiming non-whites can't be racist due to "lack of power" is irrational nonsense. Attributing characteristics to entire groups of people and not individuals is RACISM. Claiming merit and equal treatment is racist is irrational because whites and Asians achieve while non-Asian minorities fail at the same task.

It is also a racist claim implying non-whites somehow can't achieve what whites can - yes they can. Unequal outcome is normal and part of the human condition. Denial of this basic fact is irrational.

Racism has nothing to do with criticism of culture, politics, religion, behavior, etc. Islamic politics-religion or Latino Culture, for example, is not a race nor is Hinduism or Christianity.

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